During this stage we monitor every step of construction. Our standards and practices ensure that every project adheres to the highest level of quality. Using the best craftsmen and industry professionals, we continue to innovate new procedures and strive for perfection.

*Prior to Construction
*Steel Reinforcement
*Pool Plumbing
* Pool Gunite
*Tile and Coping
*Pool Electrical
*Pool Decking
* Landscaping
* Clean Up
*Pool Plastering
* After Construction

Prior to construction 

* We custom design for your home
* Obtain permits and post on site

 * Notify utility companies to mark property

 * Mark Pool location on property


 * Specialized drivers with a rubber tire loader help to minimize damage to concrete driveways and landscaping during excavation.

 *Throughout the excavation a project manager will be on site to set the elevation of the pool. This is crucial for proper drainage. In addition to ensuring proper measurements and the cleaning of site at the end of excavation.

 * Interior of pool is hand trimmed ensuring a proper foundation for the pool structure.

 * Access will be secured during the entire project with a temporary construction fence. 

Steel Reinforcement 

Bond beam - 4 bars #4 (1/2") continuous.

* Walls and floor - #3 (3/8") 8" on center.

* Deck dowels every 3' (3/8" re bar connecting the gunite shell to the pool decking). 

Pool Plumbing 

 * Pipe diameters are determined by calculating the flow rates desired for certain pumps and other equipment.

 * All SCH 40 PVC piping is used for the hydraulic system.

Suction ports for the pool or spa are installed using APSP and ANSI guidelines for safety.

 * The hydraulic system will be pressure tested after completion. This is important to avoid any unexpected leaks in the system.

 * All Pools include an Automatic filling device. This will make sure your pool water level continues to remain at an ideal level.

Pool Gunite 

 * Lifetime gunite shell warranty that is transferable.

Pneumatically applied gunite.

 * Walls and floor – minimum 6" thick.

 * Gunite bond beam – 12" wide x 18" deep (top portion of pool shell).

Tile and Coping 

 * A wide selection of materials are available.

 * Natural and man made materials are available to achieve the desired look.


 * Optional automated control systems is available for your convenience. Systems range from wall mounted controls to remotely operation from your phone to PC.

 * Electrical wiring is installed per city, county and APSP codes and guidelines.

 * Lighting circuits installed in the pool are all GFCI protected for safety.

Pool Decking 

 * With a wide selection of materials: Tile, Spray deck, Travertine, Brick pavers, Flagstone, Stamped concrete and more.

 * Use of 3/8” re-bar 15” o.c. for reinforcement.

 * All decks are poured a minimum of 4" thick with piers.

Final Cleanup 

 * Several Cleanups will be done during construction to maintain a clean and safe job site.

 * The final cleanup will be done to grade the disturbed soil and properly prepare the yard for landscaping. 


 * Landscape Design installed with us can streamline the process and add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor area.

 * Special focus is put on complimenting your pool and not detracting from the desired look.

 * Provide separate drawings specifically for the Landscape designed for your property.


 * We recommend the use of Aggregate finishes which are far superior to traditional  standard white plasters.

 * Plaster can vary in color and texture. We recommend comparing samples with other materials chosen.

 * Upgraded glass beads and custom mixes are available upon request.

After Construction 

 * Pool will be started, cleaned and fine tuned. Next we will instruct your family on how to operate and maintain your new swimming pool.

 * Any and all questions will be answered making it easy to keep your new pool in the ideal working condition.

 * Simple weekly, and monthly routines will be discussed breaking it down into easy to understand steps.

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